In the open, unclaimed area of the Northern Wilderness, an infant settlement faces new challenges every day. Coming from origins scattered across the known world, its founders seek simple goals ranging from peace and quiet to ambitious profit, but all are united in their fierce determination to carve out a life in Clover Crossing, no matter the cost--and no matter what enemies they must fend off to protect it.

This game takes place in the world of the Wilderlands of High Fantasy, and makes use of the AD&D 1e & Old School Essentials, as well as other third party content.

New applicants: Please realize that we could have many players at any given time, and that in-game time moves at varying speeds depending upon what the many groups of characters are doing. Before you apply, please realize that it could take anywhere between a few seconds and a couple months to bring your character into the game, if you are accepted; if you do not have the patience to wait, this is probably the wrong game for you.

ALL PLEASE NOTE: This game is to assist the GM in playtesting a set of in-game commerce rules for Medieval settings. As a result it may be necessary to take a short time-out to reset the game due to changes in those rules.

* Game Introduction
* General Rules (From the GM)
* Posting Etiquette
* Character Creation
    ** Character Sheet - Blank
* WoHF Background Info
    ** The Wilderness (District 5) - Roglaras
        *** Clovers Point - Background
        *** Adventures and Modules in the City State
*Critical Fumble & Hit Tables
*Campaign Bibliography
*Game Maps