Welcome to the Heroes of the Age Wiki.  Here I will keep track of major NPC's and events.

Major Characters:

Logan (Blood on the Snow)

Kyruk (Orc leader(?) of the Company of the Wolverine

Katarina (Shadow's Pride)

Hisako(Spirit of the Ancestors)

Alain(In Brightest Day)
Logan (Blood on the Snow)
Logan (Blood on the Snow)
Logan (Blood on the Snow)


Amaquelin (Medusa - Leader of one of the Swords)
Ruithe - Blindfold
Clareesa - Blink
Ritawa - Vertigo


gold pesandos and silver avena's.  copper turos

Guardian info

Gwilherm - woman
Iolo- man
GlĂșingel man
Tlachtga mac Nuadat leader - old woman
Tyree - man