Eberron: The Last War chronicles the closing years of The Last War from the perspective of the Cyran Border Guard. A new captain, young and rumored to be of noble blood is recruiting new members to guard the frontier between Cyre and the unholy nation of Karrnath.

The campaign itself is organized in a series of 'Missions', each one leading to the other, with the PCs serving as a quick-response team to various events occurring along the border. The game has been running for one and a half years since November 2011, and while it has seen its fair share of player attrition, currently composes of a solid five-man group of player characters.

Through their efforts, the PCs have protected the town of Torvista (Allsmeet to some) from a terrorist attack of wights and arrested a pair of Karrnathi agents performing necromatic experiments in the village of Redcreek. Currently, the team is investigating a Cannith Forge suspected of conducting secret experiments and revealed to have been recently attacked by undead...