Potterverse: 20 Years of Darkness
In 1998, Lord Voldemort took control of the Ministry of Magic and Harry Potter disappeared.  Along with his friend Hermione Granger, Harry Potter was never heard from again.  A reign of darkness fell upon the world.  Lord Voldemort soon ruled the world, muggle and magic, with an iron fist.  Muggles are now aware of the magical world, but tend to go about their day much the same.  As long as they don't get 'uppity' the Dark Lord left them to grovel.

Lord Voldemort did fall however.  A mysterious witch, known only as Lady Red, learned of, located, and destroyed the horcruxes.  Voldemort lay slain, people almost rejoiced, but Lady Red proved no hero.  While she did not slaughter wholesale and was not inhuman monster, she was still a dark Witch and Lord ruler of the World.  The muggles labor under slightly less slavish conditions and the Dark Lady is content to rule the British Isles.

A small rebel alliance exists, led in secret by Severus Snape, Head master of Hogwarts.  The cells are small, scattered, and desperate.  There is rumor of a new prophecy.

A new class arrives at Hogwarts, a new chance, and a new start...  who will shine and who will fall...  will you answer the call.

Important NPCs:
The Queen
Ministry of Magic
The Staff at Hogwarts