A GURPS based RolePlaying Game.

You thought we had just entered the new millenium.
You were a century off.
The year is 2109.

"My name is Xander Hamlin.
    I'll be your Operator during your
    assignment aboard Hyperion.
    You can call me 'X'. "

The Hyperion is a Mark VI
No. 16 class Defender, circa 2079.

"I am Locke, captain of the Hyperion.
    Choosing to awaken from the Matrix
    was the first step, but do not yield to
    its seduction.  You may become
    self-afflicted with the grandeur of nothingness."

Zion has a fleet of 15 Defenders,
22 Mercury Class Recon Ships,
3 Aries Class Destroyers, and
13 other ships of various types.

The Machine World has a nearly
    limitless access to technology,
    Sentinels, and weaponry.

   Zero-One is its master Computer,
   A computer that does not rest  and does not tire.

There is only one path to victory over the Machine World:

Through the Matrix.